Friday, March 29, 2019

March Blog

March was awesome!

I was honored by the mayor at City Hall and received my very own next right outside the mayor's office!

Boy, was I nervous! I stood up in front of the mayor and all the aldermen to receive a special commendation. The aldermen gifted me a special pin for my sash! It is a silver ribbon pin with a paw print, it stands for animal cruelty prevention. I placed it next to my state seal from Valerie Sununu. There was a reporter there form the Nashua Telegraph, I am getting used to doing interviews now. One of my favorite parts was meeting a fan, Jana, she was so excited to learn first hand about the NH Kid Governor program.
Lola receives her desk at Nashua City Hall
Next, I was invited to the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College! I had a  great time! I made dog toys with all the student ambassadors, went on a crazy scavenger hunt and ate pizza! Oh… and, I gave my presentation on the NH Kid Governor Program. It was so cool! There were these 2 enormous screens behind me, and I got to control the slideshow from a computer at the podium. I felt empowered up there in front of all the college kids, they were so proud of me, and that made me feel really happy.

Then, I gave a presentation to the 4th graders at my school, Sunset Heights, on the kid Governor program to get them ready for 5th grade! They seemed to take the information seriously. They asked a lot of questions, I was a little overwhelmed. I wasn’t used to so many questions, but it will help me be well prepared for my future presentations. I can’t wait to watch next year's race!

Lola visits the Humane Society
Lola with students at Saint Anselm College

I was also invited to the humane society of Nashua to meet their CEO and President, Doug Barry and their Assistant Director of Development and Marketing, Chuck Mattia, for a chat and a tour of the shelter.

When we arrived we talked about how the shelter works, and different laws we would like to see passed, they gave me lots of information! Mr. Barry was kind enough to invite us to see the Pet Choice Awards!! I feel so special to be invited. Governor Sununu will be there too. Then, we went on the tour. The first place they showed us was where they keep and examine the new animals. Next, we got to meet, Stewie and whiskey. They were 2 big, super fluffy, rabbits who were meeting each other for the first time. Their meeting went well and I got to see them hug. Jemini was our next stop. She is a chubby 11 year old kitty who liked head rubs. Next, we went to see the dogs after meeting. There were some big dogs!

Last but not least, we went to see the cats. The cats were sleepy and so cute. I had a good time at the Humane society looking at all the cute animals and meeting all the great people who work and volunteer there.

Finally, the Pet toy club is starting at my school! I’ll tell you all about it next month. NH Kid Governor, out!

Official resolution recognizing Lola as the first New Hampshire's Kid Governor

Friday, March 1, 2019

February Blog

We’re off to a great start. Where to begin? So much has happened!

I did my first radio and television interviews. Both were fun, but my favorite was the television interview. There was so much cool equipment. I couldn’t WAIT to see how it all worked!

Lola at her first television interview

First, that chalk board behind us… it wasn’t even really THERE! It was all just… green! Green walls all around us! Nothing but green. You could put anything you could IMAGINE on the green screens! I might have chosen the beach, but I guess a chalk board is more formal. 

I have also received letters from Connecticut's' Kid Governor Ella and PETA Kids. I am so grateful for all the support I have received, together we can all make a huge difference. 

My family and I wanted to support my Executive Councilor Evelyn’s platform, so we volunteered at End 68 Hours of Hunger. It is a great organization and the volunteers work really hard. I thought it was cool that there were quite a few other kids volunteering as well. 

At End 68 Hours of Hunger, a lot of the food came on trays that could be used for kitty litter at the Humane Society, so we collected and delivered all of the trays that we could find. The Humane Society was very grateful! 

Finally, I would like to say, these are all things anyone could do, because we all have the choice. We all have the power to do great things, so choose to use your power for good! Next, I get my commendation and desk at the mayor’s office. Stay tuned next month!

Kid Governor Lola Giannelli, signing out for now.

Letter from CTKG Ella
Letter from PETA Kids

NHKG Lola's Farewell Address

"I have to be honest — I was never interested in politics before, and I am still not sure if I want to be a politician when I grow up....