Wednesday, December 4, 2019

November Blog

Hey guys, it’s Lola, and if you have been keeping up with the blog you would know that there's a new Kid Governor! I’m proud to introduce Suzy as New Hampshire's next Kid Governor!

Once the votes had been tallied and the winner was picked, we planned a secret surprise announcement at her school, which was awesome! Suzy’s school is different than mine. It is made up of many buildings that look almost like houses and has a field the size of 5 football fields, (maybe a little over exaggeration), but anyway, it’s a big campus!

When I got there I had to hide so the kids wouldn’t see me and maybe ruin the surprise. So, we went in a room at the school to plan what to say during the announcement and how the assembly would go. After a few minutes Suzy’s mom had come, and her mom knew that if Suzy saw her she would know she had won, so she came and hid with us. It was very exciting! When we had the call to go, we went into the copy room behind the auditorium. The 8th graders there were putting on a Spanish play at the time, and because I was hidden, I was able to watch that and then… Showtime!

Mrs. Genest came out and said a few things about why she was there. Then I came out and announced that Suzy had won. The crowd went absolutely wild!! Suzy came up and I gave her some gifts and Mrs. Genest asked if Suzy would like to say anything. Suzy was very shy but thanked everyone for their support.

NHKG Lola and NHKG-Elect Suzy

Afterwards, Suzy and I went into the “hiding room” and I talked to her about what she could do as Kid Governor. I gave Suzy as much advice as I could think of to get her excited to get going on her platform, which is about making recess longer to help kids get more time outdoors. I am rooting for her to do well, and I agree that recess should be longer, too!

Next month will be my last blog during my term as Governor, but my fight for animals will continue. I hope everyone has a great holiday with their families. I’ll be back in January to officially pass the torch to Suzy as she moves on to take her place as the 2020 New Hampshire's Kid Governor!

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