Wednesday, July 31, 2019

From the NH Kid Executive Council: Working at the Salvation Army

Day One:
My first day working at the Salvation Army was a success! Me and my mother were shown around the store by a staff member named Megan. Our first job was to make sure all the clothing in the women's’ section was in the right place (medium in the “M” section, small in the “S” section, etc.). Unfortunately before our work hours ended, I started feeling sick and had to go home. 

Day Two:
On my second day working at the Salvation Army, we got to visit a lot more of the store, and met two new people. Our first job was to take out all the clothes in the children's section that had blue tags. There we met a man that was also doing community service that told us about his life. Once we finished that, we went to the  “garage-like” area in the store, where we met a young woman who also told us her life story, and hung up clothes that were in donation boxes, then took them into the women's section to be distributed appropriately. Overall, my experience was I've learned it takes many people to run a store like this and a lot of time.

P.S. I’ve also learned that this computer’s voice recognition translates “to be” as “2B”, But it knows, “bro”...(

-Evelyn Ellis-Haines: 

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