Monday, July 15, 2019

May/June Blog

Hello. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far, I know I am! 

May was a quiet month and I didn’t really attend any events, but that is okay with me because June was an important and busy month. I am very proud to announce that I GRADUATED FROM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!! 

Graduation was awesome! First, all of our teachers made their announcements, then we got our certificates, and lastly, we had an ice cream social! I am off to middle school in the fall and although I will miss my old school, I am very excited for my new one!

Also, the Humane Society of Greater Nashua was kind enough to invite me and my family to attend their annual Gala. They have an annual Gala as both a fundraiser and as a celebration to reward the people who worked extra hard for the animals over the last year. 

This year the Gala was named Woofstock, and the theme was based on the 1960’s rock concert Woodstock. The Humane Society was having a costume contest, so my mom and I dressed like hippies. We didn’t win the contest, but I had tons of fun! There were games, auctions and food!

During the auction I got to go up on stage and present an award on behalf of the Humane Society to the Governor's Apprentice (the Governor couldn’t make it; it was his father's 80th birthday) for all the outstanding ways Governor Sununu has made animals a priority while he has been in office. I also got to speak to everyone about the money that we (at my elementary school) raised for the Humane Society from our Popcorn for Paws Fundraiser back in April. We were lucky to have a very generous audience member match our $330 in contributions, bringing our total donation to $660. YAY! 

Lola presents an award at the Humane Society Gala

So thankful for all of the generous, animal loving supporters and volunteers who have donated their money and time to all our pet friends! It was an honor to be included in the festivities.

I'm so excited to start my library tour in July! We hope to get kids excited about being the next Kid Governor of NH, and also hope to get more schools to participate in the program. If you would like for your school to participate please don’t hesitate to ask your educators to reach out for more information. See you guys soon. Bye for now!

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