Wednesday, July 10, 2019

From the NH Kid Executive Council: Evelyn Ellis-Haines

At first when my teacher, Mrs. Weick, announced that we were doing a politics activity I thought that I would give it a try, just to see if I could do it. I thought poverty was important, so I chose that as my platform. So, I just went through the motions of writing a speech and making a video. We all watched each other’s videos and voted on which we liked best—which we thought had the best shot at winning Kid Governor. After we voted, the next day, Mrs. Weick announced that my video had won. I was absolutely ecstatic, completely and utterly.

Mrs. Weick helped me make a final video that would be shown at the “elections” at the schools and online and at Saint Anselm College. A few days after making the video my entire class and family were at the event at the College where we stood up at a podium and listened to different people talk. The other two candidates and I had to answer the questions: How did we choose our campaign platform and what were we going to try to do as Kid Governor? We heard the governor’s wife, Mrs. Sununu, and one of the teachers from one of the candidate’s schools speak, and then voted.

When it was time to vote we all got in a line to a set of booths that had the governor for the state and the kid governor candidates. We voted for one adult candidate and one kid candidate, then waited for the event to end. We didn’t get the results of the kid election for many days.
Evelyn being sworn in to the
NH Kid Executive Council
One of the things Mrs. Sununu told me when she was talking to us during the event was that no matter who won, we should all go on to do our service projects. So when it turned out that I didn’t win, after being really disappointed, I decided I still wanted to do my project.

Mrs. Weick and my classmates were super supportive even though Lola won with her “Anti-Animal-Abuse” campaign. They helped me make posters for a winter clothing drive and put out donation boxes! Honestly my classmates seemed even more determined to go through with the plan than I was! 

When the clothing drive ended, my classmates and I had collected over 700 pieces of winter clothing, most of them for kids and all in really great shape. The next thing we had to do was fold it and organize it all. Luckily, we got through that without any problems.

The next step was to load the clothes into my mom’s van, which we also got through with ease. Then my mom and I drove the items to the local folks in Laconia, which turned out to be at the Salvation Army. The folks at this Salvation Army were so friendly and appreciative that I asked if I could volunteer there in the summer to get more experience in this area.
Evelyn delivering donations from her clothing drive

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