Friday, August 30, 2019

August Blog

Hello! Kid Governor Lola here! 

I have done sooo much this month!

First, I was asked to sing the National Anthem at an event called Barnful of Blues.
This was the most different I have ever done before and I was scared, so asked a
couple of friends to give me a hand.

I would like to introduce my friends, Lacey Bechard and Madison Pisco!
Madison, NHKG Lola, and Lacey
With the help of my friends, my nerves went away and we had a great time on stage!
After we sang, we ran my Kid Governor table.

We shared a booth with a boy named, Dominic Cole, a 12 year old boy from New Hampshire
who performs his drumming on the streets of Boston to raise money for his organization,
Percussion For a Purpose. Dominic uses the money he gets from drumming to create kits
for homeless people and children. He is the best kid drummer I’ve ever heard, and I play
clarinet in the school band?!
NHKG Lola and drummer Dominic Cole
We couldn’t stay for the whole event because not only were my friends coming to help me
sing, but they, (and a few more), also came to help me celebrate my birthday with a
sleepover!! It was a super busy weekend but we all had a great time! 

Then we went to “Kid Governor Boot Camp” it’s not what your thinking! It was a workshop
for the teachers to learn about the Kid Governor in New Hampshire. There were a lot of
teachers there. They seemed very interested in learning about teaching the program.
Hopefully the kids will be excited about participating too! I think that they will like it, and I am
excited to see what the election will be like when more schools get involved. 

I was honored to meet, Brian Confrancesco, the person who started the Kid Governor Program
in Connecticut. I was surprised to find that he was just as excited to meet me as I was to meet
him! He is a very nice man. My mom and I enjoyed talking to him and listening to him
speak at the Boot Camp.
NHKG Lola and Head of Kid Governor Brian Cofrancesco
At the Boot Camp, I got the chance to see my teacher, Mrs. Foreman, from my 5th grade class.
Mrs. Foreman, my mom, and I all sat on a panel to be interviewed about our experience with the
Program. We were there for a couple of hours. When we were on our way out of Saint Anselm’s
College, the author, (Gloria M. Gavris), of the book, E is for Election Day, gave us signed copies
of her book! It was a cool surprise to meet her and get a signed copy. Finally, we wrapped up
my Library tour. We visited 3 NH libraries this summer, Hopkinton, Concord, and Hooksett.
Each of the librarians were so kind and they gave us space to teach the kids about how to make
dog toys and explained how to participate in the Kid Governor Program. We met some great
kids at each of our library stops, and with their help, we made quite a few toys to donate to our
local shelter.

I have started middle school and I am excited for the school year. 

Stay tuned! 

-New Hampshire's Kid Governor Lola

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